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*Digital Version* Conscious Evolution: Where the Universe is Going and How to Join the Journey

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THE SECOND EDITION VERSION includes enhanced graphics. Would you like to have some hope that the world is NOT falling apart? That maybe all of this craziness is going somewhere? Well join Cindy for this workshop and you''ll be inspired and hopeful for yourself and the planet!

This 4 hour production is based on Cindy''s full day workshop by the same title. With grace, humor and clarity Cindy covers:

1. What is Conscious Evolution?

2. The nature of love

3. Five things you have to know to understand the human experience

4. How to analyze the spiritual work you''ve done so far, see potential gaps, and create an action plan

5. Stages of Adult Development - Where are you? (specifically focusing on the model called "Spiral Dynamics Integral")

Bonus Material

• Download the Conscious Evolution Companion Worksheet on our Resources page. The worksheet contains the exercises discussed in the full day event.