Rasa Katiliene Certified Deep Change Coach

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With a PhD in Management, Rasa Katiliene is an author of academic publications, lecturer at universities and a member of MRU Business Innovations Laboratory. She is certified in SQ21 Assessment, ValueMatch (based on based on Spiral Dynamics® and have a relationship with the stages of development described by F. Laloux in Reinventing Organizations) Practitioner, 3Q Practitioner, ICTA Enneagram Practitioner and she is a member of ICF. In recent years, she has been conducting leadership training at various organisations, coaching sessions and consultations, helping to develop leadership and spiritual intelligence (SQ) skills for those who seek profound transformations both at the organisational and personal levels. She has 12 years of practical experience in the areas of leadership, project management, sales and customer service, which she gained working at the telecommunications company and in the field of personality development — as a volunteer.

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  • SQ21


  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development &/or Training
  • Public Speaking