Client Success Stories

The Methodist Health Care System now called Houston Methodist, conducted a two-year consulting engagement that included:
  • Clarifying the behaviors expected through this world-class multi-hospital system
  • Training all employees across the system in the I-CARE values and behaviors
  • Systemic changes to support aligned behaviors from recruitment to retirement.
  • Measurement: baseline and ongoing measurement of core values behaviors as well as crucial performance indicators such as customer satisfaction, nursing retention, and employee satisfaction
  • Alignment of performance and compensation systems to keep everyone's focus on the desired behaviors

Statement from the CEO
Cindy Wigglesworth worked with me while I was the CEO of The Methodist Health Care System in Houston.  Together with other internal leaders we initiated and effected a successful culture change to live up to our goal of "a spiritual environment of caring".  This culture change was rooted in our mission, vision and our I CARE values (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence).  Cindy's faith-neutral and yet faith-friendly approach to spiritual topics allowed us to embody Respect for our employees who are of many faith traditions. Her experience with what it takes to create a systemic culture change allowed us to design and implement a process to make a sustained difference in our culture –one that got us on the Fortune 100 Best Employers list and keeps us there today. SQ is a valuable approach to putting spirituality back into your company in a practical way and Cindy is a change agent who understands a CEO's perspective.
Ron Girotto, CEO (retired), The Methodist Health Care System, Houston, Texas

BHP Billiton Petroleum: Cindy co-designed and co-led a 5.5 day offsite executive leadership program for top 100 employees, including continued supportive coaching after the program. Leadership development and coaching work continues with BHPB Petroleum

Cindy Wigglesworth's content is consistently world-class quality, thought-provoking, and fresh.  … Cindy was a key player in the design, development, and delivery of a quality Executive Leadership Program at BHP Billiton Petroleum—our top 100 leaders gave her full marks on every dimension of effectiveness.  They left the program ready to make a difference—and that's what Cindy does—she makes a difference.
David Nelson, Vice President of Human Resources, BHP Billiton Petroleum

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
US News and World Report, #1 Cancer Center in USA

A "Spiritual Intelligence at Work Pilot" with the Palliative Care group: Cindy taught and coached to EQ and SQ skills over a nine-month period with a 24 hour in-hospital group of about 30 people. The group showed significant improvement on key measures over this period. The manager said that the terms "ego self" and "higher self" were a golden gift to the team. The language of spiritual intelligence enabled conversations of deep meaning across a diverse faith systems, including some professed atheists. The VP of HR agreed that the intervention accessed deeper meaning-making structures and stronger motivations for behavioral change than typical change efforts did.


“Spiritual Intelligence will take leadership to a whole new level.”

Susan M. Beck
Colonel (Ret.), US Air Force
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Client Success Stories

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